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Our mulch is of the highest quality, made from 100% log material.


Our Screened topsoil and garden blend are ideal for grass and plant growth.

Wood Recycling

We recycle wood from private tree companies, contractors, and landscapers.


We offer both bagged and bulk salt options throughout the season.

From seed and fertilizer to tools and tarps, we’ve got what you need to get the job done

Better Ingredients = Better Mulch:

We begin by grinding whole logs into smaller chunks of pure material.  We then utilize a second grind operation to inject color into the wood and properly size the material.  This creates a mulch:

  • Free of weed, seeds and debris
  • Desired variance in material size and dimensions
  • Maintains color longer

The Raw Materials Others Use:

  • Brush
  • Pallets
  • Lumber scraps
  • Grass clippings
  • Cardboard
Melt Ice Melter

Melt Ice Melter is a top-of-the-line product designed to combat the hazards of icy surfaces during winter conditions. It offers an effective solution for property owners who want to ensure the safety and accessibility of their driveways, walkways, and other exterior spaces. As an essential tool in maintaining a secure environment around homes and businesses alike, selecting the best ice melt salt on the market is crucial.

Various types of ice melt salt are available, each with its specific benefits and drawbacks. The ideal option depends on climate, surface material, and personal preferences. It’s important to recognize that not all ice melt salts are created equal; therefore, we must explore different products to determine which stands out as the best choice for your needs.

One popular option in the market is Melt Ice Melter due to its proven effectiveness in quickly melting ice and snow while providing long-lasting results. This product’s composition ensures that it works at lower temperatures than traditional rock salt. Additionally, its innovative blend of ingredients minimizes potential damage to concrete surfaces, making it a preferred choice among many property owners.

For households with pets or those concerned about wildlife in their area, choosing an ice-melt salt pet-friendly formula becomes essential. Various products cater to this need by incorporating safer ingredients that won’t harm animals’ paws or digestive systems if ingested accidentally. Dragon Melt Ice Melter is a product that boasts eco- and pet-friendly properties while promising optimal performance in melting ice and snow.

Dragon Melt Ice Melter utilizes a unique blend of natural minerals combined with potent yet safe-to-use additives that provide efficient deicing action without causing harm to pets or plants. Its non-toxic formulation makes it a reliable option for those seeking superior performance without compromising animal welfare or environmental concerns.

In conclusion, selecting the most suitable ice melt salt involves considering factors such as temperature range effectiveness, potential surface damage, and pet-friendliness. Melt Ice Melter and Dragon Melt Ice Melter are excellent options catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. Ultimately, investing in a high-quality ice melting product will ensure safety, convenience, and peace of mind during winter.

What Is Ice Melt

What is ice melt, you ask? Ice melt is a term used to describe various chemical compounds specifically formulated to melt snow and ice. These products work by lowering the freezing point of water, making it more challenging for ice to form and more accessible for existing ice to dissolve. They are commonly used in winter on driveways, sidewalks, and roads to increase safety and accessibility during inclement weather.

Calcium chloride ice melt is one of the most popular choices for deicing agents. This compound boasts a high melting capacity, meaning it can effectively break down stubborn ice in even the lowest of temperatures. Additionally, calcium chloride works quickly due to its exothermic nature, releasing heat as it dissolves, further accelerating the melting process.

Ice melt ingredients vary depending on the specific product being used. However, some common ingredients in these formulations include sodium chloride (rock salt), potassium chloride, and magnesium chloride. Each ingredient has its unique properties that contribute to effective snow and ice removal.

What is ice melt used for? As previously mentioned, these products are primarily employed during the colder months for combating icy conditions on various surfaces like walkways or steps leading to buildings or homes. By using an appropriate deicing agent such as non-corrosive ice melt – which won’t damage metal fixtures or harm plants – property owners can keep their surroundings safe from potential slips and falls for themselves and others.

The chemical formulae of different active ingredients in ice melts may vary; however, they typically share one essential element: they all serve as salt compounds that create a brine solution when mixed with water. This brine then lowers the freezing point of surrounding water molecules, causing existing snow and ice to dissolve rapidly.

For those seeking environmentally-friendly alternatives or who want to protect pets’ paws from harsh chemicals found in traditional ice melts, there are options like magnesium chloride ice melt. This compound is highly effective and considered less corrosive than other alternatives, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial use.

Organic Melt Ice Melter is another option gaining traction in the market due to its plant-based formulation, which eliminates the need for harmful chemicals while still providing effective ice-melting capabilities. This eco-friendly alternative ensures that property owners can maintain a safe environment without causing detriment to the surrounding ecosystem.

Ice Melt Near Me

Ice and snow become a significant concern for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities when the cold winter arrives. Ensuring safety on walkways, driveways, and other surfaces is paramount to preventing accidents and maintaining accessibility. One popular solution to combat these icy conditions is ice melt products. In particular, the search for “ice melt near me” has surged as more people seek reliable supplies during recent winters.

One of the most common types of ice melt products is those containing salt. As people look for “ice melt salt near me,” it becomes evident that this category is prominent in the market. Ice melt salts work by lowering the freezing point of water on contact, thereby causing ice to turn back into liquid or preventing it from forming in the first place. This method effectively reduces slippery surfaces caused by snow and ice buildup.

For those who find themselves needing such products often, knowing where they can find “Ice melt salt nearby” may be crucial information. Retailers such as hardware stores, grocery shops, and even some gas stations typically stock various types of ice melt salts during winter months. Additionally, online retailers also offer a wide variety of options for those who prefer home delivery or wish to research specific product details before making a purchase.

Another area where ice melts play a vital role is in roof maintenance: “roof melt ice melter” products are specifically designed to address accumulating snow and ice on rooftops that pose potential hazards like leaks or structural damage if left unchecked. These specialized formulations usually come in easy-to-apply formats such as pellets or tablets that can be tossed onto roofs without climbing up there yourself while providing effective melting capabilities.

In conclusion, whether searching for general-purpose “ice melts near me” or specialized solutions like “roof melt ice melter,” numerous options exist both online and at local retailers catering to a wide range of application requirements. Keeping well-stocked with these products throughout the winter not only ensures safety but also provides peace of mind when facing the challenges that ice and snow can bring to our daily lives.

Where To Buy Ice Melt Salt

When the winter months arrive, and snow and ice accumulate on sidewalks, driveways, and roads, it becomes crucial to find practical solutions to maintain safety and accessibility. One such solution that has proven its efficacy time and again is ice-melt salt. This magical compound works wonders for breaking down ice layers, making surfaces much safer to traverse. So, where does one go about purchasing this essential winter staple? 

A popular option for procuring ice melt salt is in bulk. Buying in large quantities not only ensures you have enough for the entire season but often results in cost savings as well. Many suppliers offer ice melt bulk purchases through their websites or local warehouses. Some even offer delivery services, bringing the products right to your doorstep for added convenience. Be sure to compare the various brands available in bulk as different products may contain varying levels of quality and effectiveness.

At American Mulch Producers, a local mulch supplier, where customers can buy their products in bulk. They offer products and services ranging from natural mulch, garden mulch, black mulch, hardwood mulch, soil, landscape supplies, wood recycling, bulk salt delivery, and more!

For those who prefer a more traditional retail experience or require smaller quantities of ice melt salt, there are several options from which to choose. For instance, Ice Melt Walmart can be found in-store and online in their gardening or home improvement section. They offer multiple brands at competitive prices with many featuring environmentally friendly ingredients.

Another reliable destination for this essential product would be Ice Melt Home Depot. As a leading home improvement retailer, they provide an extensive range of options tailored to various needs, such as pet-friendly formulas or fast-acting solutions for areas with heavy foot traffic. With their knowledgeable staff readily available to assist customers in finding the perfect fit for their requirements, it’s no wonder people trust Home Depot time after time.

In summary, whether you’re looking to buy ice melt salt in bulk or smaller quantities at local retailers like Walmart or Home Depot, plenty of options are available with various features catering to specific situations, including environmental impacts or pet-safety concerns. When winter strikes once again, and icy surfaces threaten safety and accessibility – rest assured knowing that you can confidently turn to these trusted sources for the ideal ice-melt salt solution.

Best Ice Melt For Asphalt

In the quest for safe and efficient winter maintenance, discovering the best ice melt for asphalt surfaces is paramount. Asphalt, a versatile and durable material used in various applications such as driveways, parking lots, and roads, requires special attention during colder months to prevent slippery surfaces caused by ice formation. Utilizing an effective ice melt ensures safety and extends the lifespan of your asphalt surface.

One may wonder what factors make an ice melt the “best” option for asphalt. Several aspects come into play when choosing the most suitable product to meet specific needs. These include effectiveness at low temperatures, ease of application, minimal environmental impact, and compatibility with asphalt to avoid damage.

Asphalt can be vulnerable to certain harsh chemicals in some ice melt products. Therefore, selecting a formulation that is beneficial to the integrity of this surface material while still effectively melting ice is vital. Amongst various options available in the market, calcium magnesium acetate (CMA) has emerged as one of the top contenders for being gentle on asphalt while accomplishing its primary purpose of deicing.

This environmentally friendly option does not contain chloride salts typically found in other deicers; this attribute makes CMA less corrosive and safer for both plants and animals. In addition, CMA’s biodegradable nature reduces its potential impact on groundwater sources – a critical concern during winter months when melting snow and ice contribute to increased runoff.

Another advantage of using calcium magnesium acetate on your asphalt surfaces lies in its effectiveness at lower temperatures than other common deicing agents. This attribute ensures that even during icy conditions, CMA will continue working efficiently without causing additional stress or damage to your precious asphalt investment.

In conclusion, finding the best ice melt for asphalt involves considering multiple factors such as efficacy at varying temperatures, environmental considerations, and overall compatibility with the surface material. Calcium magnesium acetate stands out amongst numerous alternatives due to its gentle yet powerful performance that safeguards the asphalt itself and the surrounding environment. With CMA at your disposal, you can confidently face winter’s icy challenges while preserving the integrity and longevity of your valued asphalt surfaces.