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American Mulch Producers (AMP) has been serving the greater Detroit community for over 40 years (Our Story), and today, we locally produce tens of thousands of yards of mulch each year.

There’s a reason for our longevity… Whether it’s delivering semi loads of mulch for our largest wholesale customer or one of our neighbors picking up a bag of salt, we are committed to:

Premium Quality:

Better ingredients = better mulch. Learn more. With local mulch production comes efficiency, so we can offer our neighbors a top quality at a fair price.

5 Star Service:

We’re here to help however you need us.  With pIckup & delivery options, in season Saturday hours, and 24/7 salt service during inclement weather.

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AMP offers delivery and pickup for homeowners and wholesale customers

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Our Story

In 1978, A=1 Tree Service began providing tree removal and trimming for Oakland and Wayne County residents/ businesses.  In the early 2000’s, the team started to investigate a use for the byproducts from tree removal, wood chips, and logs.  After purchasing a small parcel of land in 2003, ownership created Paul’s Tree Service and Wholesale Mulch.  The addition of a small grinder and colorizer shortly followed.  Additional land was acquired in 2006 to launch the wood recycling business for other companies generating similar byproducts.  With an emphasis on quality of material from the beginning, the mulch business was very popular with local landscapers.

After a few years of operating both a tree service and mulch production business, the decision was made to cease operations in the tree service business and focus entirely on mulch production.  In 2014, American Mulch Producers was created with the sole purpose of creating a high-quality mulch at an affordable price. Over time, more land was purchased and equipment was added to sustain the mulch operations.

2020 saw a significant change, as the company’s founders decided to enjoy a well-earned retirement and new ownership for American Mulch Producers was introduced.  New investments have been made in equipment, people, and infrastructure to balance the increased demand for our product.  As we have been careful to not move away from the fundamentals of a high-quality mulch at an affordable price, we also recognize the need to maintain the highest level of customer service.  We recognize the success of our past, and are committed to benchmark quality and service as we embark on our next 25 years.