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Our mulch is of the highest quality, made from 100% log material.


Our Screened topsoil and garden blend are ideal for grass and plant growth.

Wood Recycling

We recycle wood from private tree companies, contractors, and landscapers.


We offer both bagged and bulk salt options throughout the season.

From seed and fertilizer to tools and tarps, we’ve got what you need to get the job done

Better Ingredients = Better Mulch:

We begin by grinding whole logs into smaller chunks of pure material.  We then utilize a second grind operation to inject color into the wood and properly size the material.  This creates a mulch:

  • Free of weed, seeds and debris
  • Desired variance in material size and dimensions
  • Maintains color longer

The Raw Materials Others Use:

  • Brush
  • Pallets
  • Lumber scraps
  • Grass clippings
  • Cardboard
Hardwood Mulch

Hardwood mulch is a fantastic, organic choice for gardeners and landscapers alike who are seeking to enhance the appearance of their outdoor spaces while providing numerous benefits to the soil and plants. Made from the shredded bark of hardwood trees such as oak, hickory, or maple, this mulch variety offers a range of advantages that make it a popular option among gardening enthusiasts. 

One of the primary reasons why hardwood mulch is so sought-after is its premium quality. Premium hardwood mulch tends to last longer than many other types of mulches on the market due to its slow decomposition rate. This prolonged durability results in fewer instances of needing to replenish or replace this particular kind of mulch compared to other, less resilient alternatives. Moreover, the natural mulch coloring and texture offered by premium hardwood varieties can provide an aesthetically pleasing visual appeal that complements various landscaping designs.

For those seeking immediate access to high-quality hardwood mulch, there’s no need to worry about traveling far and wide in search of the perfect product. In fact, searching for “hardwood mulch near me” will likely yield plenty of local resources where you can purchase large quantities for your gardening needs. This convenience not only saves time but also helps support local businesses within your community.

Among the many types available on the market today, natural hardwood mulch holds a special place in the hearts of environmentally conscious gardeners. Unlike dyed or chemically treated alternatives, this type retains all of its inherent properties without any additives or alterations. The result is a sustainable product that nourishes plants and enriches soil while remaining true to its organic composition.

In summary, hardwood mulch offers numerous benefits for gardeners and landscapers looking for an attractive yet practical addition to their outdoor spaces. Its premium nature ensures longevity and quality performance in various applications while maintaining an authentic appearance that seamlessly blends with the surrounding foliage. With easy access through mulch suppliers, or wholesale mulch online searches like “hardwood mulch near me,” this exceptional product remains an efficient and eco-friendly option for those who appreciate the value of natural, sustainable gardening practices.

Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Triple shredded hardwood mulch is a high-quality, organic product that serves as the ideal solution for gardeners, landscapers, and homeowners seeking to improve the health of their plants while enhancing the overall appearance of their gardens and outdoor spaces. This type of mulch is made by shredding hardwood logs or bark into small pieces, with each subsequent round of shredding resulting in a finer and more uniform texture. The final product offers numerous functional benefits that set it apart from other types of mulch available in the market.

One popular alternative to triple-shredded hardwood mulch is double-shredded hardwood mulch. Though similar in composition, there are some notable differences between these two products. Double-shredded hardwood mulch undergoes one less round of processing compared to its triple-shredded counterpart, resulting in slightly larger pieces with a coarser texture. While both types are effective at suppressing weeds and conserving moisture in the soil, they do vary in terms of application and aesthetic appeal. Triple-shred hardwood mulch tends to provide a smoother, more polished look and is preferred by many for its ease of spreading around plants.

Shredded hardwood mulch near me is an excellent resource for those who wish to source their landscaping materials locally. Customers can reduce their carbon footprint by choosing a nearby supplier or retailer while supporting local businesses. Additionally, purchasing locally sourced products often leads to fresher materials that have not been sitting stagnant on store shelves for extended periods.

The benefits of using shredded hardwood mulch extend beyond aesthetics alone. Both double-ground hardwood mulch and triple-shredded varieties aid in regulating soil temperature fluctuations during extreme weather conditions by insulating plant roots from heat and cold. Furthermore, they also help prevent soil erosion by reducing runoff during heavy rainfall events.

In conclusion, whether you choose triple-shredded hardwood mulch or explore other options such as double-ground or double-shredded varieties, you can expect significant improvements in your landscaping endeavors when incorporating these beneficial products into your regular garden maintenance routine. By understanding the advantages and differences between these types of mulch, you can make an informed decision that best aligns with your specific gardening goals and preferences. Ultimately, the use of high-quality hardwood mulch is a tried-and-true method for promoting healthy plant growth while simultaneously enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space.

Hardwood Mulch Bulk

Hardwood mulch in bulk quantities has become increasingly popular among homeowners, landscapers, and gardening enthusiasts alike. Not only does it provide a visually appealing top layer for garden mulch beds and landscaping projects, but it also offers numerous benefits to the overall health of plants and soil. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of purchasing hardwood mulch in bulk, explore the various options for bulk mulch delivery near you, delve into the factors that influence bulk mulch prices, and guide you on where to find local mulch delivery near your location.

Purchasing hardwood mulch in bulk is a cost-effective option for those who require large quantities for their landscaping or gardening projects. Bulk hardwood mulch is typically sold by the cubic yard or truckload, allowing customers to save money when compared to buying bagged mulch from a local garden center or big box store. Moreover, buying in bulk reduces the amount of packaging waste generated by individual bags of mulching material.

One key concern when purchasing hardwood mulch in bulk is finding reliable sources for delivery near your location. Fortunately, there are many companies that specialize in providing bulk materials such as hardwood mulch directly to your doorstep. A simple online search for “bulk mulch delivery near me” or “bulk hardwood mulch near me” can yield several results within your vicinity. Additionally, these companies often offer various types of hardwood mulches such as oak, hickory, maple, or mixed varieties depending on regional availability and customer preference. 

Bulk mulch prices can vary significantly based on several factors including geographic location, wood type, and quality of the material itself. Premium hardwood varieties may command a higher price than more generic options due to their unique characteristics and overall performance as a landscaping material. Furthermore, fluctuations in transportation costs may also impact pricing; therefore it is crucial to obtain multiple quotes from different suppliers to compare product offerings and find the best value proposition.

To determine where to buy bulk mulch near your location, consult local landscaping companies, garden centers, or nurseries for guidance. These establishments often maintain strong relationships with suppliers and can direct you to reputable sources within your community. You may also consider engaging the services of a professional landscaper who has experience working with bulk materials and can provide insights into the best hardwood mulch options for your specific project needs.

In conclusion, purchasing hardwood mulch in bulk quantities offers numerous benefits such as cost savings, reduced packaging waste, and versatility in product selection. To maximize these advantages, it is essential to research local suppliers, compare pricing structures, and seek recommendations from industry professionals to ensure you receive the highest quality hardwood mulch at the most competitive price point possible.

Hardwood Mulch Cost

Hardwood mulch is a popular choice among homeowners and landscapers for its numerous benefits, including weed prevention, moisture retention, and aesthetic appeal. However, as with any landscaping material, it’s essential to understand the costs associated with purchasing and installing hardwood mulch to ensure that it fits within your budget.

The cost of hardwood mulch varies based on several factors such as quality, region, and quantity purchased. One crucial aspect is the number of yards required for your project or property. For instance, 5 yards of mulch cost will differ from the cost of 10 yards of mulch due to volume discounts often given by suppliers. It’s also important to note that prices may change seasonally or due to market fluctuations.

When examining the expenses related to hardwood mulch installation or spreading, one must take into account both the material itself and labor costs. The cost of mulch per yard installed can range significantly depending on whether you choose to undertake the task yourself or hire a professional landscaping company. While DIY installation may save money upfront, hiring an expert can provide peace of mind knowing that the job will be done efficiently and correctly.

For those attempting a smaller-scale project, understanding the cost of spreading 4 yards of mulch can help manage expectations and budgeting appropriately. This quantity may be suitable for maintaining existing landscaping features rather than creating new ones from scratch.

Inquiring about how much is a yard of mulch cost will enable you to plan accordingly and allocate resources effectively for larger-scale projects requiring substantial volumes of materials. The price per yard typically decreases as more material is purchased; hence it’s wise to gather accurate measurements before finalizing any orders.

Overall, hardwood mulch can provide significant value in terms of appearance and functionality when incorporated into your landscape design plans. To make informed decisions regarding materials acquisition and labor costs, thorough research should be conducted on pricing trends in your area as well as various supplier options. By doing so, you can ensure a successful installation and enjoy the long-lasting benefits of hardwood mulch without breaking the bank.

Black Hardwood Mulch

Black hardwood mulch is a highly sought-after landscaping material, providing both aesthetic and functional benefits to any garden or outdoor space. It is made from high-quality, finely shredded hardwoods and dyed with a carbon-based colorant that imparts the rich, dark hue associated with this type of mulch. With its distinctive appearance and superior function, it has become the top choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

One of the most renowned suppliers of black hardwood mulch is Home Depot. The hardwood mulch Home Depot offers is not only an eco-friendly solution for your garden needs but also a cost-effective one. This store provides customers with premium quality mulch at competitive prices, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

Dark hardwood mulch is another popular option in the world of landscaping materials. Like black hardwood mulch, this variety offers a deep, rich color that can instantly elevate the visual appeal of any outdoor area. However, it may have slightly lighter shades than its black counterpart due to variations in wood composition or dye concentration. Regardless of these subtle differences, dark hardwood mulch still retains all the same advantages as black mulch in terms of functionality.

Aged hardwood mulch offers a unique twist on traditional wood-based options as it utilizes older wood that has matured over time. This aging process results in a more robust and stable material that resists decomposition and maintains its structure even after prolonged exposure to moisture or other adverse conditions. Its natural appearance adds character to any landscape design while providing essential nutrients to surrounding plants as it slowly decompose.

Another aesthetically pleasing option for those looking to enhance their garden’s beauty is brown hardwood mulch. This variation uses specially formulated dyes to create warm tones that blend seamlessly into various types of landscapes, from lush gardens to minimalist settings. Like other colored hardwood mulches, brown varieties offer similar performance attributes such as weed suppression, moisture retention, and temperature regulation.

In conclusion, black hardwood mulch and its various alternatives provide numerous benefits for both residential and commercial landscape supplies. Whether you choose the bold statement of black hardwood mulch or the subtle elegance of dark, aged, or brown options, these high-quality materials can help transform any outdoor space into a visual masterpiece while also promoting optimal plant health and soil conditions.