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Our mulch is of the highest quality, made from 100% log material.


Our Screened topsoil and garden blend are ideal for grass and plant growth.

Wood Recycling

We recycle wood from private tree companies, contractors, and landscapers.


We offer both bagged and bulk salt options throughout the season.

From seed and fertilizer to tools and tarps, we’ve got what you need to get the job done

Better Ingredients = Better Mulch:

We begin by grinding whole logs into smaller chunks of pure material.  We then utilize a second grind operation to inject color into the wood and properly size the material.  This creates a mulch:

  • Free of weed, seeds and debris
  • Desired variance in material size and dimensions
  • Maintains color longer

The Raw Materials Others Use:

  • Brush
  • Pallets
  • Lumber scraps
  • Grass clippings
  • Cardboard
Bulk Mulch Near Me

When it comes to buying mulch – you’ve got plenty of options. There’s the big box stores like Lowe’s mulch, mulch from Home Depot – even plenty of Walmart Garden Centers sell mulch. However, there is a big difference between buying bags of mulch from hardware stores and buying bulk hardwood mulch from a local business. If you’re preparing for the spring gardening season and wondering “where to buy mulch in bulk near me” – you don’t have to look any further than American Mulch Producers. There are many benefits to buying mulch in bulk over bags of mulch.

Bulk mulch is more eco-friendly than bagged mulch.

The lack of packaging in bulk mulch makes it an eco-conscious choice over bagged mulch. In addition, searching for “bulk mulch near me” removes the hassle of transporting and unbagging several dozens of bags. There is also less disposal with bulk mulch, as there are no bags to store and then remove. 

Bulk mulch is more cost-effective than bagged mulch. 

13.5 bags of mulch equals one cubic yard. The price of mulch depends on what kind you choose, but 14 bags of mulch from Lowes could cost as much as $105. You must also factor in the cost of fuel and your own labor as you pick up, transport, and dispose of 14 bags of mulch. The average bag of mulch weighs twenty pounds. After counting all the bags – that’s nearly three hundred pounds! That can be a lot of manual labor in one day for many folks. If you’re curious about “bulk mulch near me prices,” – contact us for an estimate

Bulk mulch can be delivered directly to your home or business!

Say goodbye to driving to the store, moving all the mulch yourself, finding your preferred product out of stock, and then having to move it all over again when you get home. Thanks to something as simple as a “mulch near me” Google search – you now have mulch delivered straight to your yard.

Bulk Mulch Delivery

Scheduling a bulk mulch delivery with American Mulch Producers is simple. Simply purchase your mulch through our website and then be guided through the mulch delivery scheduling process. You can also adjust the delivery of your mulch at almost any time. While American Mulch Producers doesn’t provide free mulch delivery, all of our fees are transparent and able to be seen right up front – like our Community and Convenience Fee, for example.

Rather than provide bagged mulch delivery, leaving you with dozens of bags to dispose of and cumbersome mulch to lug around, American Mulch Producers delivers bulk mulch right to where you need it most. This is an excellent option for serious gardeners, people with large yards, or commercial venues with a lot of area to cover.

When ordering a mulch delivery through American Mulch Producers, you can receive automated email and text notifications reminding you of your scheduled delivery. On the day that your delivery is scheduled, we will let you know when your driver is on the way and when you can expect them. Mulch delivery can be made quite difficult or near impossible in heavy rain, but American Mulch Producers can deliver mulch in light to moderate rain.

Mulch Delivery Cost

At American Mulch Producers, we provide and sell many different types of mulch. Mulch delivery costs cover labor, drivers’ fees, insurance, gas, truck costs, and more. Mulch by the truckload is much more cost-effective and labor effective than purchasing bagged mulch at a hardware store. Not only that, but box stores often carry cheap mulch that are made of inferior materials that won’t keep your garden and landscape at its healthiest. American Mulch Producer strives to be transparent in our pricing. If you ever have any questions, please contact us.

While we’re not the only mulch provider and delivery company in Detroit, we have plenty of reviews from satisfied customers who have pledged not to go anywhere else – and we’re grateful for them! We also provide and deliver soil and compost. 

The national average of the cost of mulch delivery can range anywhere from $45 to $120. This is dependent on provider, geographic location, and more. The cost of delivery from American Mulch Producers is built on our expenses of providing safe and talented delivery drivers with steady work, quality mulch product, fleet upkeep, and more. 

Mulch Calculator

If you’re new to buying bulk mulch, it can be difficult to estimate just how many yards you need for your lawn. Using American Mulch Producer’s mulch calculator, you can determine how many cubic yards of mulch are needed for your lawn by entering the length, width, and depth of the area. If you’re trying to determine how much 5 yards of mulch costs, mulch prices can vary based on the type of mulch. American Mulch Producer carries many types of mulch of different colors and consistencies for different purposes. 

Searching for the “cheapest mulch delivery near me” may pull up a variety of mulch providers and delivery. However, not all of them may provide the service that American Mulch Producer is known for. Say that you have a lawn space that you wish to be mulched that is ten feet long, and five feet wide, and you’d like the mulch to be three inches deep. Using American Mulch Producer’s mulch calculator, you’d need to purchase half a cubic yard of mulch to cover the area to your specifications.

However, most homeowners and commercial spaces have a much larger area of lawn that needs to be adequately mulched. If you had an area that totaled up to thirty feet long, fifteen feet wide, and three inches deep, just over 4 cubic yard of mulch would be needed to cover the area to your liking. American Mulch Producers also sells all of the landscaping supplies necessary to care for your lawn, even grass seeds and straw products. If you’d like to calculate the amount of mulch you need as well as the amount of grass seed, American Mulch Provider also has a grass seed calculator on our website for your use. After you’ve calculated how much mulch is necessary to fill the space to your specifications, you can select your preferred type of mulch. Or you could call us at (248) 358-4440 and discuss it with us, and we’d be happy to send you a custom quote, no math required.

Best Bulk Mulch

The best bulk mulch for your lawn is highly dependent on your purposes for the mulch. Some homeowners and commercial landlords prefer their mulched landscapes to support luscious plant life, while others only want some ground cover and decoration. 

American Mulch Producers sell five different kinds of colored mulch:

  • Chocolate Brown
  • Walnut Brown
  • Red
  • Cherry Brown

And if you’re searching for “black mulch near me” – you’re in luck! American Mulch Producers also carry black mulch. 

All the colored mulches at American Mulch Producers are dyed with an environmentally friendly colorant. They are also all double ground and formulated to prevent weeds, provide nutrients, and enhance the appearance of the areas in which they are placed. Colored mulch keeps its vitality for up to two years. Other colored mulches include Triple Chocolate and Triple Black, which are processed three times. These mulches contain much finer pieces and stay more compact throughout the season, limiting erosion and runoff.

American Mulch Producers also sell natural mulch by the yard. All their natural mulches are colored completely by nature and are not treated with any colorants or chemicals. Their varieties of natural mulch include:

  • Aged Dark Double
  • State Certified Playground Mulch
  • Light Double
  • Garden Mulch
  • Cedar

The color life of natural mulches is much shorter at 6-8 weeks, so if vibrant color is something you have your heart set on, it might be better to purchase an environmentally dyed mulch. Cedar mulch is produced from cedar trees grown in Northern Michigan and is primarily used to extend the life of the ground cover. It has a slower decay process than other mulches. 

Garden mulch is perfect for planting and growth areas, as it has a heavy composting element that acts as a long-lasting nutrient source. American Mulch Producers also sell state-certified playground mulch that is not rubber but made of natural wood and safe for child’s play. 

While bags may be available for Home Depot mulch delivery, bulk mulch tends to be more cost-effective for large spaces and less hassle to arrange. American Mulch Producers are dedicated to premium quality and locally produced mulch.

Buy bulk mulch online with American Mulch Producers — it’s the fastest, easiest way for you to get mulch delivered right to your home conveniently. Our home delivery mulch service makes us the Uber of yard care. You don’t have to endure backbreaking hours in the heat, carrying bags back and forth. You don’t even have to worry about where to buy mulch in bulk near you.